How To Get Rid Of Any Burrowing Animals With This Dawn Soap Solution

While there’s a time to enjoy and share space with wildlife, most people would prefer to keep their own space free of said wildlife. The words “vermin” and “pest” come to mind with a host of burrowing, digging animals – moles, gofers, squirrels, chipmunks, prairie dogs, voles, etc. You’ve probably stepped outside to enjoy the morning or get the mail only to have your foot sink into one of these critters’ tunnels. If your yard is a maze of tunnels, you’re probably considering calling in an exterminator or, as a last ditch effort, thinking about attempting such an extermination yourself.

There is, however, a more peaceful, less expensive way to rid your yard of these irksome creatures. You most likely have all the ingredients on hand, and if you don’t, they are easily obtainable from the nearest supermarket. To make a non-toxic spray that will drive away all the burrowing animals in your yard, you will need to gather up the following materials:

  • Water
  • Dawn soap
  • Castor oil
  • Spraying attachment for garden hose

Mix the proper amounts of each of the liquid ingredients (link to the recipe is below), and use the spray attachment to help you cover the yard with your homemade concoction. You will need to keep an eye on the yard and burrows, and spray the yard again once a week for nearly a month, but this way the animals will move to another location, you’ll have your beautiful yard again, and no one got hurt. It’s the perfect solution for an animal lover, whether you’re a vet, wildlife conservationist, or pet owner.┬áThis spray would also be a boon to those who are moving to the country. You can make up a batch ahead of time and prepare your yard or garden area before planting anything new. While there are other mixes and sprays that help with various and sundry problems, this basic recipe will solve the vast majority of issues with tunneling.

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