How to Build a Barn Greenhouse

Have you ever thought of building a barn greenhouse? The same principles that apply to a barn or barn home structure apply to a greenhouse, so it seems a really food fit for the building style. You’re constructing a freestanding structure with no foundation. Now of course you can also use a foundation, and many people do, either as part of the build or as a platform on which to place your structure, and people will still consider it a barn home style structure because of how it looks.

These barn style greenhouses though just look really nice. When building a greenhouse one thing you have to really think about is the roof, right? Because the walls are going to be walls nomatter what, and the lower parts at least don’t even need to be transparent to allow light through, but you’re going to want either plastic, poly or something else up top to allow light in, and you have to think if you want a peaked roof, and if so, what pitch and height. Or you can go the method of a gabled roof, which won’t make you hunch over because it’s tall enough in the walking area, but also starts the pitch inward, which you want in order to face rain, snow and wind.

You can see from the photos how these are constructed, because there’s nothing hidden in their transparent framing design. Check out the one by Ana White, which is so simple and clean-lined. In it, they ran 12 foot corrugated metal roofing horizontally, applied flashing to the corners, and put the plastic wrap right over the metal roofing, and it’s a total of 144 by 126 and 100 tall. There’s another one from My Outdoor Plans and more barn homes here. Of course you can also go bigger and more elaborate, if you want to grow more than just a hobby amount for a small family. Check out the examples.

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