Two Old Cheap Shipping Containers transformed into Shipping Container Home with 360 Degree Views

This is a great example of what can be done with old, cheap shipping containers when they’re employed as home construction materials. Here, they used just two shipping containers, although it’s almost hard to believe because the overall impression of the home looks like it’s so much bigger than that, right?

It’s actually one of Fresh Prince’s new Eco Huts, and is intended as a getaway from the busy urban city life to someplace relaxing and surrounded by nature. And in keeping with that, the views from the second story of this shipping container home are great. 360 degrees.

The total of this shipping container home cabin is 150 square feet, and it’s set up for Off-Grid living with comfort, and features a kitchen, a full bathroom with a composting toilet, a nice comfy bed, and large windows to provide views from inside. It’s the Barrington Eco Hut. However, I’ve also seen this attributed to Hideaway Litchfield Supplied. For more shipping container homes, click here, and to see more from Barrington and Hideaway Litchfield Supplied, find them in the Building Homes and Living homes directory.

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