How to build an underground bunker

How to build an underground bunker

Whether you’ve watched “A Quiet Place” and scoffed at the family’s setup, or laughed at Kimmy’s bunker experience on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, you can’t deny that in the back of our heads, we’re all a little concerned about where the world is heading. What if another world war begins? What if there’s a nuclear fallout? What if rioters, militarized police, or militia break into our homes in the middle of the night? There’s a lot to worry about these days, and some people are alleviating that worry by building bunkers.

There are many names for these enclosures, such as bomb shelter, apocalypse bunker, etc. There are practical uses for them (natural disasters come to mind, for instance), even if we don’t have to escape a government takeover or neighborhood massacre. If you’ve ever wondered about them, we’ve got some key information for you to think about prior to putting your own bunker in place.

First, there are a lot of warnings against using shipping containers as ‘pre-fab’ bunkers. There are concerns regarding ventilation, deterioration, and potential radiation. Second, there are laws and regulations about digging, even on your own property, as there may be gas and water lines where you want to place the bunker. Be sure you consult with professionals or the correct department before breaking ground. Third, you will want to do research into what materials are best, what equipment to use, and how to stock the bunker once it is complete.

Most information we read indicated that accessibility can be an issue – the workaround is either to connect your above ground dwelling to the bunker with a tunnel, or to put up a shed above the entrance to the bunker. Hiding it below a forested area is best, and waterproofing is a must. There are places where you can buy steel bunkers, but they of course are more costly.

Does the idea of building your own bunker intrigue you? You can find an excellent article with a breakdown of what to consider when building one here.

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