How come I never thought of that? Hanging cords and hoses 9 different ways

Which of these is the best way to hang electrical cords and hoses?

Which of these is the best way to hang electrical cords and hoses?

Any home owner who does yard work, or even washes their car, truck or RV, has to deal with hoses, and home repairs means electrical extension cords as well. What’s the best way to keep them hung up cleanly? Here are a few of the best ideas from around the world wide web.

As the Handyman suggests, one convenient and clean way is to use a rubberized metal chain (or just a plastic chain for light weight) in combination with a coat hook. You can cut off the excess of the chain when you know the size you need.

You can also use a bungee cord in the same way, which usually already has a hook on the end. And some people make loops with a short piece of rope and either a cork or wood handle or a small PVC pipe, with holes drilled through. You can also wind an electrical cord or hose around a bucket and keep your other tools and things inside it, or around an old tire rime. A similar method, but one that looks much prettier, is to wind the hose or cords around a cylendar placed inside a rope basket, which can be left on the ground almost as a decoration. For hanging ropes high, PVC rods work, and to keep cords from tangling, you can either buy a rope/hose rack, or you can make one DIY with a 2×4 and just notch out the places for the hose to be threaded into.

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