Dragonflies Eliminate Mosquitoes – This is how to attract them to your yard

No more bug spray!

And at the same time, no more mosquitoes. How? One way is to find predators for misquotes, such as dragonflies, which are not pests to people but definitely put a crimp in the style of the swarms of needley mosquitoes that plague our back yards every summer!

Dragonflies can eat around 100 mosquitoes per day. And just so you know, it’s dragonfly larvae that have the biggest appetites, so try to have those around your yard if you can. Dragonflies live as larvae for their first two years, and actually they eat just about anything at that stage, in which they spend their time in the water where they hatched.

But how to attract these pretty, useful insects? The number one thing they like is water, particularly one with varying degrees of depth from very shallow to around 2 feet, where they can lay their eggs and get nutrients. But you can also use plants they like to attract them.

Here are three of the top plants: Black Eye Susan, Dwarf Saggitaria, Meadow Sage, Yarrow White Wildflower.

Dragonflies really like stuff sticking up from the water and around it, including plants, where they can perch and rest.

You Can Attract Dragonflies to Your Yard for All-Natural Pest Control, Too

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