Backyard Guest House that Can be Built in 8 Hours – Amazon Brought it Back

So lets do a DIY project this weekend! What do you want to make? Oh, how about a guest house…?

OK! for those of us out there who love do it yourself, there is a little tiny home sized, but stylish, guest house we can buy as a package from Amazon (again, it was out of stock but they apparently got more) and set up ourselves.

We’ve talked about the Allwood company before, and you can find them Building Homes directory, which is a great resource for finding the type of house you want to build or buy, but this little DIY house project would be so nice. When guests come to town, they could have their own space, but when they leave, guess what? I’m moving in as a retreat-style office! Or maybe I’ll send the kids out there to stay for a few days and have the whole house just for adults for a while!

This guest house project can be set up in 8 hours, so either that’s one Saturday or a couple of half-days of work in the back yard. I bed you could also easily transport this, so if you ever have a property elsewhere and want to put a cabin there, this could work.

It’s Allwood’s Studio Cabin Kit, and costs under $8000. It’s 172 square feet (tiny house size). Of course, as a cabin kit, it doesn’t come with any extras, so if you want to add electricity and sewage, that’s another thing. But you can just run a power cord out from the main house, or install a simple solar power system.

You can find Allwood’s cabin (this one is called Solvalla) in the Building Homes directory. For more cabin kits, click here.

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