80-Square-Foot Cabin took 3 weeks for only $700

Ever wanted to get away for a weekend in the woods, but without bugs or bad weather to ruin your three day vacation? Well, you’re in luck – we found the cutest tiny home that can cost less than a thousand dollars with recycled or repurposed material. Even better, it’s the perfect side hustle, as you can rent it out through Airbnb or a similar site when you’re back home. Sound like something you’d be interested in exploring? Here’s the information we gathered:

This cabin plan was designed by Derek Diedricksen and he built the original for $1,200. A couple from Montana decided that they wanted their own version and sought out repurposed materials, including lumber, frames, and hardware. Over three weeks, the couple put together the most adorable tiny vacation home we’ve ever seen, complete with one wall that doubles as a fold out sunroof, a spacious patio, and enough room for a cozy couple retreat, all for $700. If you know someone who has scrap lumber, or tools, or old window frames they don’t mind donating, you can build this cabin for less than a grand and have your own vacation home in just under a month.

While it doesn’t have running water (which also means no kitchen or bathroom), arrangements can be made such as an addition, an outhouse, a solar shower, and a propane stove for cooking. Part of the adventure, is of course, ‘roughing’ it, as opposed to what some would call ‘glamping’. Nevertheless, this little place provides plenty of comfort and coziness, no matter the season. Nestle this tiny nest in a grove of trees, or at the edge of a meadow, or on a hill and create your perfect getaway.

If you want to build a tiny home but don’t know where to start, Diedricksen has a website and YouTube channel where he shares his blueprints, tours, and information regarding tiny home projects, including this cabin. You can also read up on what others have done with this cabin at DIY Bit of Everything.

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