Roman Ridgeline King single Dome Canvas Swag

Roman Ridgeline King single Dome Canvas Swag

When it comes to durability, those synthetics might not cut it. Sparks from a fire, strong winds with twigs whipping around, dropping it down a rock face. Canvas, though. I have canvas bags that are 50 years old I think.

The specs for this single dome canvas swag:

• 200 x 90 x 50cm• Zip off top cover and large sandfly proof mesh top section with entry on both sides

• Zip out canvas at head end.

• Sandfly proof mesh at head end.• Reflective webbing on hoop clips.

• Reflective loops on all four corners for easy peg down.

• Heavy duty 38mm straps with quick release buckles and carry handle.

• Accessories pocket sewn onto base for storage of hopps, pegs & ropes supplied with Swag.

Safety Pins Are a Fisherman's Best Friend

What a great, fast fix.

If you ever break an eye when you’re out fishing, here’s an easy fix.

Think you might start to put fishing pins with your tackle, or maybe put one on your cap (but be careful)?

Here’s another use for them, too, as a sort of tackle box string for fish hook organizing.