The Ultimate Camping Chair

We all like to go out camping or at least spend the afternoon at the lake, river, or up in the mountains or in whatever nature we can access near where we live. Well, almost all of us. And camping stuff is appealing also to those among us who get into prepping and shtf preparedness. The great thing about camping gear is it usually doubles both as fun and recreation AND preparedness.

One thing pretty much everyone needs in nature is a chair. Rocks are fine, but they do tend to usually be kind of hard. Stumps are better usually but not always easy to find or move to near your camp spot.

So the search for the ultimate camping chair begins! One of the best is a multi-person chair, kind of like a camping couch, that some people think is the ultimate camping chair. You can roll it up into a compact package and strap it on your back or tie it securely to your roof rack or throw it in your truck bed. It’s like a sofa while camping!

It’s called the MoonPhase Shift Triple Loveseat, and it supports up to 900 pounds. Details:

– Made from 600-denier PVC-coated polyester that can resist punctures and tearing

– Powder-coated 19mm heavy-duty steel for the frame

There’s also a very similar 3 person camping chair on Amazon for around a hundred dollars. You can click the link to go there.

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