Giant Gold Nugget Found in California

How would you feel if you were on a regular daily walk with your metal detector, thinking about the small change you might find, only to discover a giant gold nugget? That’s what happened to a prospector in California, who thought he had stumbled upon a piece of iron. After uncovering the find, he realized that he had made a huge discovery, and went to get it appraised. The giant gold nugget weighed in at 75 troy ounces (a troy ounce is a little over 31 grams), which is over five pounds. People speculate that this is one of the most major gold finds in California, although we don’t know the name of the prospector, nor the exact location where the gold was found (we do know it was located in the general area of Butte County).

There’s a history of high quality gold found in Butte County, though of course the gold rush and its end results have limited the amount people find today. That being said, placer and lode deposits are still present in the area, including the Magalia, Yankee Hill, and Oroville mining districts. It’s still an incredibly desired commodity, as gold is still used today in a variety of industries, including technology (it’s an excellent conductor for electrical equipment), medicine (fillings, bridges, crowns, for dentistry and radiation treatment for a variety of diseases), and aerospace (mostly used for coating, conducting, and lubrication), as well as the more common uses of jewelry and money.

If you’re interested in locating precious gems and metals, you may want to get involved in the scene by joining a group, purchasing a metal detector and studying up on deposits, mines, and fossil beds in your area or those close by. You can also travel to certain states like Colorado, North Carolina, and Tennessee for mining opportunities. There’s no telling what you can find with a little patience and some quality scoping materials. You can watch the video of the giant gold nugget find to get started.

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