How to move Ableton between computers

New computer? Old computer has Ableton?

You need probably: USB stick, SATA-USB adapter, 7Zip, JBridge (if you use both 32 and 64 bit plugins)

You have to reinstall the program, Ableton Live, so you have to download it again. When it installs on the new machine, it will ask you to register and will show you the unique computer ID number. You will type this into your Ableton account and it will give you a file to download. You will use a USB stick to move this file to your new computer, then just drag and drop it onto an open instance of Ableton.

Nothing is in Ableton Live on the new computer. You have to move your files. Move them to the same location on the new computer as they are on the old one (for example, if you have a Plugins folder on your Desktop, make it exactly the same on the new computer. Don’t forget any folders that might be in your Downloads folder if you use something like this for your previous songs.

Easiest is a SATA-USB adapter, and just plug the old harddrive into the new running machine and copy-paste the folders to the new machine.

You might need JBridge if you have both 32 and 64 bit plugins. Buy it (or if you’ve already bought it find your email), download the program file, and also download 7zip because that’s how JBridge is packaged. Install 7Zip on the new computer, then 7zip the file and then run the file (install the program).

In Ableton, go to Preferences and do a new scan for Plugins.

Your folder links aren’t in your new Ableton. You have to make those again. Neither are your saved preferences – It would be nice to know how to move these.

Once everything is in the same location on the new computer (files), plugins are scanned, then most of your songs should work like before. Some will be missing files, and you can run a search and try to find and replace these.

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