How to make a good Tinder profile. These are the tips anyone can use to get SWIPED.

Tinder favors the attractive. That’s a fact. Some of us are very attractive, and some less so. But all of us can get better results on Tinder by doing the “right” things.

First a tip: You do not need a high match rate. How many people are you going to date? That’s a good number to go for in terms of matches. If you might date 5 people, you only need a few matches. Do not expect amazing results from Tinder, but you can get results. For example, a fairly good-looking 33-year-old, 5’9 white guy who studies attraction and Tinder itself put in tons of work testing profiles. His overall result, using fairly attractive photos, humor and jokes and other tricks, having a decent career, etc: 14/100 women dated him on his best profile (32% matched, 93% of those replied to his message, and of those 93% 72% gave him their phone number, of which 61% [14 people] went on a date). He compared it with a bar or club, where if he put in 6 or 8 hours of work, he would not get that many dates, so he liked using Tinder. Most people using Tinder will not be able to get anywhere near 14/100. but would be OK with one or two dates, I’m guessing.


  1. Profile photo. More important than anything else, and if you don’t have a presentable profile photo, it will be almost impossible for anything else you do to work. Either get a good profile photo or accept the fact you will get only 1 or so matches per hundred of your swipes, or don’t use Tinder.What is a good profile photo? It must be high quality (not blurry). It helps to have a dog in it somewhere. It helps if you are smiling but not too much. It helps sometimes if you are not looking directly at the camera. You can try an angle that looks up at your face. The picture should NOT be a selfie – it should look like someone else took it. The photo should not have any information in it that could possibly turn any girl off based on her associations. The ideal photos are often professionally taken photos, and involve the person looking like a model in a magazine. NOTE: you do not need to be good looking to get matches on Tinder. You just need to present your photos so that people will like them, using creativity, humor, and other enjoyable things if you can’t just sit back and rely on your good looks.
  2. After the person approves of your photo, they will look at the text right under it and see what is written. This is where you should be funny and show personality. They will look at your age and profession. If they approve of that, they will read the top line of your profile. It should be funny and interesting usually. For example, SchoolOfAttraction wrote “If you think my profile’s tight, then just swipe right! Now you know why I’m not a rapper 😉
  3. After that, you should include funnily-presented things that involve stuff the opposite sex generally likes. Here are some examples from SchoolOfAttraction again: “I like talking about all the things you’re not supposed to discuss in polite company,” “If you can eat a packet of timtams in one sitting we’ll probably get along,” DO NOT READ THE NEXT SENTENCE!! You little rebel, I like you already,” “I’m a life coach who loves intellectual conversation and chocolate ice cream orgies.” As you can see, these are probably not really true specific to the person.
  4. Pre-confirmation. Things like placing a banner on top of your profile photo that says “It’s a match! with a heart” and making your photo a split screen with a famous celebrity who looks similar on one side and your photo on the other (even a terrible photo that gets 0/100 matches) and saying you’re that celebrity’s “evil twin” have shown to work.
  5. Engagement. A slide show (again, a banner on top of your profile photo with an arrow to see more photos), with a photo that shows comedic “reviews.”
  6. Canned responses once you try to message someone. They should be funny. Examples from SchoolofAttraction: “Wow okay, so I just arrived on Tinder, and I wasn’t going to actually talk to anyone (you could be an axe murderer after all), but I really liked X about your profile and had to say hello!” and “Soo…. Just checking you aren’t a fan of sharp dangerous objects by any chance? (an impressionable young man can never be too careful).”
  7. Message people when they are online and ask them out at the end of the first conversation. Have a short conversation and ask.

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