Burned fingers? That’s why they invented these universal clips

Universal clips

This morning I almost burnt my fingers trying to check the bagels I was toasting in the oven. The oven mitt I had been using wasn’t very thick, and I wished I’d purchased something that would prevent me from nearly roasting my digits every time I wanted to check the progress of my breakfast.

Enter the AmyTalk Retriever Tongs, the stainless steel grippers made specifically to prevent this issue. They’re also good for those who may need a stronger grip on slippery dishes, such as those who live with conditions like arthritis or people who experience nerve or tendon pain.

You can purchase retriever tongs in a variety of colors, in packs of two, for as little as $10.00. These would make excellent presents for the chefs in your life, as well as new homeowners, graduates, campers, or grillers, and of course a nice little treat for yourself as well. They’d be particularly helpful during holiday seasons where the oven is constantly being used to produce cookies, cakes, pies, casseroles, ham, and turkey.

With a wide range of choices and pricing options, I wouldn’t be surprised if these tongs became kitchen staples in the very near future. If you’d like to jump on the bandwagon and be the first among your family and friends to use these clever little clips, you can find an array of them available on Amazon.