Vehicle Mounted Tents for Trucks and SUVs

Vehicle mounted tents for trucks and SUVs

These tents, used to camp anywhere, even when the ground is wet, or when you’re concerned about ground-level insects or animals possibly invading your camp tent, have been on our radar for a while now. They just look so useful.

One of the Rooftop Tent manufacturers has caught our attention for their quality designs, using throughout the tent a combination of high quality poly-cotton fabric, Oxford poly flysheeting, for an overall rigid, water-resistant package that can be mounted easily to roof racks, Thule kits or Rhino roof bars.

For access to these tents by ARB Rooftop Tents, you use a retractable aluminum ladder. What I would probably do is mount a custom shoe box at the top of the ladder, one that could be just clipped into place using gravity. One of the best features of these rooftop tents must be that they stay clean. Only water would hit them, and if you parked under trees, some leaves and twigs (avoid sappy trees, as always!). Whereas with a regular tent you have to constantly clean them.