Fantastic Larimar Stones

This stone is found only in one place in the whole world, believe it or not. It’s also called “Stefilia’s Stone” and it’s a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite. It’s a relatively new stone, being mined and distributed only since the 1970’s!

It comes from the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic to be specific. Although there was an attempt to get permission to mine it about 50 years earlier, that petition was rejected, and the stone really started out on the market when an American Peace Corps Volunteer on the island and a local man re-discovered it and after starting to show it around the world, it got a lot of interest because of the striking blue color.

The two men found the stone on the beach originally, at the foot of a mountain range, and when they talked to locals about it, they found that the locals thought the stone came from the sea and was called “Blue Stone.” Because of the blue color, a lot like the color of the Caribbean waters, one of the men retained the word “mar” (meaning “sea” in Spanish) and combined it with his daughter’s name, Larissa, to make the new name for the stone. Over time they discovered that the stones found on the beach were washed out to the sea by the river coming from the mountains. Soon, they started some mines and today in the mountain there are around 1000 such vertical perforations.

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