How to get Tumblr followers, and build a popular Tumblr account

This is the organic way. There are ways that use software and other tools, but we’re going to look at how any person can make a Tumblr account and get thousands of followers and “notes” within a short space of time (a couple months – which is a realistic amount of time).

Note: The more genuinely you build followers, the better followers you will have. The more spammy, low-investment you go about it, the more crappy (often fake accounts or bots) followers you will have). It’s up to you. There’s no real way around this as far as I know.

Fun fact: Tumblr is owned by Yahoo.

Leave your new account 24 hours

This is if you’re just creating a new account for the first time. Create it, and don’t like or do anything at all. Just leave it for 24 hours.

Attractive account

This doesn’t mean “photos of an attractive person.”

It means using easy-to-do visual things to make your account attractive, so that when people see it, they are more likely to follow. How? First, pick your theme colors – for example, dark photos with black backgrounds and red highlights, then all your photos will look like that, although some might have white highlights or whatever as well. Find bigger accounts that have similar themes, and take note (and you can reblog their stuff as it applies to your blog). You can also “send a message” to them and ask them for a “blog rate.” Your message can literally just say “Blog rate?? :)” You can do this 20 times a day or something.

Bot posting

Get a bot that automatically posts your images, like “Tumblr Queue Added,” and also collect like 10 folders full of around 300 images each. Post around 20 images per day with this.

Follow similar blogs

They might not all follow you back, but they’re more likely to follow you than random blogs. You can also use “follow networks” like “Follow Back.” You can also go to and follow people who are looking to build followers. Don’t follow more that around 180 people per day.

You can also add tags to your photos like “followback” and “follow4follow” so that others will know they should follow you if they want you to follow them.

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