Clever Use to Make Fishing Lures … DIY Style

Clever Use to Make Fishing Lures ... DIY Style

It’s always nice to find another use for something you have around already.

And maybe even better when it’s something you would have thrown away otherwise. It doesn’t even interfere with returning bottles since you don’t need to give them the caps.

So with your soda or other bottles, fishermen can make these easy fishing lures. Not sure which would be better, folded over, which kind of looks like a fish, or flat. Both would probably swivel quite a bit travelling through the water.

Who thinks this is an interesting way to make the most of trash? DIY fishermen, this one is for you.

Safety Pins Are a Fisherman's Best Friend

What a great, fast fix.

If you ever break an eye when you’re out fishing, here’s an easy fix.

Think you might start to put fishing pins with your tackle, or maybe put one on your cap (but be careful)?

Here’s another use for them, too, as a sort of tackle box string for fish hook organizing.