25 Practical Survival Uses For Duct Tape

25 Practical Survival Uses For Duct Tape

Common things that we use can turn out to be very useful and part of an important survival kit. Whoever developed duct tape must be proud of it because it can be used in many different ways they must never had intended it to be used.

Check these 25 survival uses for duct tape.

1.Repairing a broken water bottle or a cracked hydration bladder. Just cut a short strip of duct tape and use it to as a binding for a cracked liquid container. Just make sure the surface is very dry for the DT does not stick well on wet surfaces.

2.It is an amazing butterfly binding strips. Prepare 2 small strips of the tape and place a smaller strip through their centers. This will form a butterfly stitch.

3.It’s now easy to make cordage. Just simply form a spiral of several strips of the tape and create a rope.

4.This duct tape can be used as a message note. Use marking pens and write a message on it.

5.How about labels? Yes it’s good for labelling your stuff. Cut strips and there you go.

6.What about if you’re on a wild adventure and your jeans start to fall? You can use your duct tape to bind the belt loops. Believe me it will stick well and if you need to run to the bathroom, you can tear the belt apart easily by peeling the tape.

7.It is a first aid drape. Just fold length of duct tape down the center and you will get half of the original width and the sticky side is no longer exposed. You are then ready to create a drape for a broken arm.

8.Mend your clothes with DT. Why worry about your sewing lessons if you have duct tapes?

9.Good substitute for a chain. You can tie a person on tree with steel chains but this duct tape can also put the hands closely together and you can tie him on a tree. This will help you for surviving from unwanted dangers especially from strangers.

10.Mend your shoes with duct tape. Instead of using toxic adhesives, this tape is much better especially when you’re on a wild area and there are no school supplies around.

11.You can repair your cracked glass with this tape. It may look weird but it’s fun to be nerdy sometimes.

12.How about making a hat out of it? If you have watched the “Mythbusters”, the guys there created a beautiful hat out of duct tape.

13.If there are no matches, interestingly, you can start a fire with a duct tape. Simply tape a spark rod of your knife sheath side.

14.Repair rain stuff. You can keep you stuff dry, and keep the water out, by mending your ripped rain gear with a few strips.

15.Fasten shelter basics. Prepare a few trash bags and you are now ready to bind them together with your duct tape. It’s a survival shelter roof, a sleeping mat or it can be used as a wind break.

16.Make an exciting drinking cup. Use your crafty hand to create several folds and then stick ends together with your duct tape.

17.It can be used to mark a trail. It can be used to glare a trail for rescue.

18.DT is good for keeping your tent sealed. Seal it with duct tape and you are safe!

19.Cover a hole in canoe. Some don’t trust this one but if it’s done twice or more then it must be safe.

20.Fasten bandages. Place a sterilized plaster over your wound, and band it in place with duct tape. If you are lucky, you must not be too hairy where you got wounded.

21.Make a spike. Fasten your dagger to a pole and you have a reliable spear to fend off unwanted creatures.

22.Wound care. Protect the scalded part with a bit of fiber gauze, and use the duct tape over the cotton.

23.Create extra repairs on your bug out vehicle. Leaky hosepipes and windows can be fixed with duct tape.

24.Maintain the feathers in your napping sack. Patch any holes with your duct tape.

25.Secure a broken leg of your plastic table or chair.