Smashing Pumpkins guitar effects

Guitar pedal notes:

JHS Angry Charlie overdrive, an “amp in a box” that sounds not too busy, kind of clean like an amp

Tym Red Mud fuzz pedal

Boss Reverb

MXR Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato (you might recognize from the Pearl Jam “Alive” solo. Does phase-y swells, fast rotary speaker effects, low end pulses with depth control, swishing top end (MXR specialty), pitch bending with vibrato mode from slow (warped record) to fast (dizzying undulations), volume control, 9v battery or adapter.

Strymon Deco Warm is like having 2 “virtual tape decks” – the “tape” saturated tones sound like (one half of pedal) overdriven tape, (second half of pedal) “classic” tape effects like slapback, flange, chorus, echo (500ms), wah


Tristessa (another guitar has similar effects):

Smashing Pumpkins Crush Guitar Effect

Crush (over an acoustic guitar strumming):

Smashing Pumpkins Crush Guitar Effects

And for the more “shimmery” sounds played and let ring for a while on the same song:

Cherub Rock (overdubbed many times):

Cherub Rock solo (Strymon Deco gives the doubling effect):


1979 (overdubbed at least once):

1979 second guitar (those high warbley notes):

Bullet with Butterfly Wings (after start, which is a clean tone):

Then for chorus (guitars overdubbed playing at different volumes):

“Reverb” video showing the sounds:

Reverbs diagrams of the pedal configurations (click here).

The MXR Uni-Vibe:

Strymon Deco:

JHS Angry Charlie:


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