One More Time (Daft Punk) – Sample and Effects

Videos: How it was made:

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Effects in Ableton:


Mdou Moctar Performing "SONG" Live

Mdou Moctar (b. 1986) is a Tuareg songwriter and musician based in Agadez, Niger, and is one of the first musicians to perform modern electronic adaptations of Tuareg guitar music. He first became famous through a subtle trading network of cellphones and memory cards in West Africa.

Mdou Moctar is a popular wedding performer and sings about Islam, education, love and peace in Tamasheq. He plays a left-handed Fender in a takamba and assouf style. He is originally from Abalak and has also lived in Tchintabaraden and Libya.

Moctar says that in Agadez, guitar is like football in Brazil: Only about 10% don’t play. His first guitar was one he made himself as a kid with a box and the cable from a bicycle brake.

The language he sings in is of a Berber language family called “Tamachiq,” more frequently called “Taureg” in the West.

Tada Dounia
Kamane Tarhanin

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UK Garage Bass (Wobble Bass) on Electribe

Sound 1:
Start with (361) X-sine1 for an oscillator.

Sound 2:
Start with (368) VPM-sine 3.

Sound 3:
(385) M1 Organ.

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