TSNJ reboot

South Sudan
South Park BANNED In China After Slamming Hollywood 
Hong Kong movement
Ireland Peace Process
The Troubles – Wikipedia
Inside Out: An Integrative Critique of the Northern Ireland Peace Process
Afghanistan and How It Becomes Stable

Privacy and Human Rights Law
TIL due to the overuse of the word “sorry” in Canada, Ontario lawmakers passed the “Apology Act”
Ottawa set to declare plastics as toxic substance : news
Georgia driver’s license office is sharing information with ICE, records show : news
Latest | Amnesty International
Sex traps, secret videos, squabbling IPS officers – inside story of MP blackmail racket – YouTube
Federal Judge Rules FBI Cannot Hide Use of Social Media Surveillance Tools : technology
I was arrested for nunchucks. Now, justice at last. – The Washington Post

Sexual Relations and Law

Terrorism and Terrorists
Terrorism Is Not About Terror – Gwern.net

Attractiveness and Sex

Drama and Narrative


Global Ventilators Market – 50% Market Share Held by 5 Top Companies


Females in Military
I’m a young female joining the military and the sexism is through the roof : teenagers

Technological advances including alternative energy and weapons

Towards a Private Device

Towards a completely privacy-less environment

Science Reports

Examples of Abuse of Power
Police officer “fabricated” story about being served McDonald’s coffee with “f***ing pig” 
TIL of UK student Jacob Ford, who protested his school’s ban on bags
Protesters who demanded Huawei CFO’s release revealed to be paid actors : worldnews
U.S. government allegedly attempts to secure COVID-19 vaccine exclusively

Things like Soft Power (premier international club membership, positive general purpose and sense of it, diplomacy and diplomatic networks, multilateral and international organizations, diplomatic cultural missions of France’s Alliance Francaise 100 years old, academic publishing, Tour de France, business innovation and investments like Revolut, Transferwise, Deliveroo, expanding diplomatic networks with fourteen new overseas posts including a new ASEAN permanent mission in Jakarta, lowering of former unassailable power of Merkel, a most trusted and admired country Germany, public sector performance, government accountability, high levels of public trust in the state, quality of manufactured goods, engineering prowess, leader in high-end automotive and machinery industries, Berlin grown into a major European tech and digital hub, “Merkel boost”, positioning itself as a world leader, big worldclass actions like crossing atlantic in zero-carbon yacht and arriving just in time for UN Global Climate Summit, global household names like IKEA, H&M, Volvo, Spotify, Skype, leader in digital payments, Uber, AirBNB, Netflix, WeWork, transforming the way we live work and interact with the world, impact of Trump rhetoric and policy on wealth of soft power assets built up, Americans new-low lack of trust in government, homicide rates, Switzerland highly trusted around world and its ‘do no harm’ axiom for soft power, Netherlands attractive economic model, water management, NKs singleminded and successful efforts to preserve autonomy under very difficult circumstances, many countries want to benefit from Chinas Belt and Road but do not trust China, Singapores outsized role in delivering the UN Convention on the Laws of the Sea, Ireland used a citizens assembly to explore the contentious issues around abortion and are now embarking on a similar process for climate change, Sri Lankan Tourism Bureau organized the inaugural visiting bloggers programme inviting international bloggers ans social media influencers to tour and promote the country in 2017, ),

Digital currency and cashless countries,

New words and concepts

Readings in Ecology

Poems and Literature like NER

Example stories like:
Taiwan and Australia have reached an agreement in which the two countries will exchange
Will France become Europe leader with Merkel stepping down by 2021 and UK’s preoccupation with Brexit?,

Catherine Breillat, Innocence, Cormac McCarthy, Putin statements, Jeffrey Gundlach of DoubleLine Capital
INTERVIEW | “Sleeping Beauty” Director Catherine Breillat: 

How to
How to Water Plants While Away: 6 DIY Methods – ProFlowers Blog


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