This Is The Biggest Toy Hauler I’ve Ever Seen

Wow. Take a look at that luxury fifth wheel trailer up there. I always thought this picture was shopped until now.

Just found out more about this fifth wheel! It’s not photoshopped. It’s one of two very large 5th wheel toy haulers Weekend Warrior built that were this big. Toterhome toy hauler luxury.

Many people out there use fifth wheel trailers, and there’s lots of interest in the RV community in big ones with lots of features and amenities, but what is the limit?

The owner of one of the toy haulers was the owner of the company, and CEO, from what I have read. I mean the owner-and-CEO of Weekend Warrior fifth wheels (and I think they do motor homes as well).

For the owner I guess it makes sense to have such a big toterhome trailer — a bit of marketing probably doesn’t hurt.

Take a look at some of the notable features of this fifth wheel trailer: the number of tires, for starters. Those look like dualies, too. Then there’s the graphics, which go over the windows as well. And you can see two AC units in that photo. And a slide out patio.

So my question for you guys is how big a truck would you want to feel comfortable towing a fifth wheel like this? Also, I know this is an old trailer build and I’ve really seen a lot of care and attention put into these old ones, maybe because they lend themselves more to personality than the newer ones?

Weekend Warrior are just one of many travel trailer / toterhome manufacturers, but a Toter, or “Mobile Home Toter” is a tractor unit specifically designed for the modular and manufactured housing industries. Some toters are highly adapted for purposes of delivering or removing mobile homes on smaller home sites. Others look and operate similar to over-the-road semi-trailer tractors with longer wheelbases and sleeper cabs.

The toter is often confused or mistaken for a semi-trailer tractor. The key difference between the two is in the method of coupling. Toters are equipped with a 2-5/16″ (59 mm) diameter ball that couples with the tow hitch on the tongue of a mobile or manufactured home or the removable transport frame of a modular home. Semi-trailer tractors have fifth wheel couplings designed to couple to a semi-trailer.

Some Toters are hybrids, with both a fifth wheel and a ball hitch. The ball and hitch is a more fitting design for the height demands of the housing industry considering that the homes must still be transported down public roads with overhead cables and overpasses.

But this is maybe a few steps beyond your normal toterhome even. How many normal people would tow something this huge? For more information about Weekend Warrior trailers, find them in the vehicle directory. Here’s the big one as well as some other close contenders.