Rooftop Hammocks

Who hasn’t wanted a Jeep or other offroad-friendly and also convertible machine to get around in in the warmer months? The other great thing about Jeeps is the boxy, roomy frame that allow vehicle owners to drop in all kinds of other engines and parts to customize their ride as they see fit. Here’s another conversion: it’s a hammock that comes ready to string up between the rollbars of Jeeps! You can set one or two of these up in a minute and relax sprawled out, which is one of the only drawbacks of Jeeps versus longer and more plush RVs like vans, suburbans, and motorhomes.

Well, actually, These rooftop hammocks aren’t the only option, and some people will want to do this, and others will want something a little easier to access, perhaps. Jeep and other RV owners have come up with a number of solutions for this, stringing hammocks up to bars mounted to the chassis, some that fold outwards, or between the vehicle and a tree, or between two vehicles! Check them out in the photos.

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