Things for journalists to read

Things for journalists to read

Here you will find interesting things to read like about how to ask good questions,

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You are a person asking a question in a dark room.

How to ask good questions, by Julia Evans (a coder). “What’s a good question,” she asks. “Our goal is going to be to ask questions about technical concepts that are easy to answer.” NOTE: There is another items in her list besides those illustrated in the 6-panel comic strip: “Ask questions to show what’s not obvious.”

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, by Eric Steven Raymond

“The Art of Asking Questions,” page 19 of Etsy’s Debriefing Facilitation Guide.



How is something proven to society, that has no data points to show?

Testimony of a convincing amount of credible people, i.e. their stories: “…and you better believe we’re going to look into it—and we’re gonna be hearing many stories. Not just the story you’re telling, but many stories.” – Orange is the New Black

Working the other way, you have a bunch of data or testimony, but don’t know how to focus it:

“There’s really only one thing for you to focus on: discovering the story behind the story. That is your north star.” – John Allspaw, Morgan Evans, Daniel Schauenberg in their Etsy guide


We don’t want your opinions; We want your observations

“When asking questions with “why,” substitute “how” instead. Asking “how” enables us to hear other people’s stories. Asking “why” creates a story of our own and tends to elicit only the evidence that supports our story.” – John Allspaw, Morgan Evans, Daniel Schauenberg in their Etsy guide

Quality journalism is more worthwhile than opinion

Readers comments at Financial Times (pay) – Even the best comments are such low quality compared with journalism




How reporters can become better self editors
“When I read my own work out loud, I hear things that my eyes look over.”




How do we design the news for people who are burned out? by Melody Kramer
Psychology Professor Says Consuming News Related To Distressing Events Can Warp People’s World Views. Think of the news from this past week: Gaza torn up; violence in Iraq and in Ferguson, Mo.; an Ebola outbreak that’s left hundreds of people dead; and a beloved celebrity hanging himself.
Radio segment on this. “Do you take other action or limit your intake to put constant grim news in perspective?”

False news, absurd reality present challenges for satirists

Covering Trump the Reuters Way (more about how Reuters does news)

3 (free) things that journalists can do right now to protect their data and their sources at the border

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