The Childhood Toys that Are Most Valuable Today

Do you remember your favorite childhood toys? Do you still own them? Sometimes, the sentimental value is higher than the dollar amount collectors are willing to pay, and sometimes, what was thought was a smart investment turns out to be a dud, though of course that doesn’t usually matter to the child playing with these toys. Some toys, like Beanie Babies and Barbie dolls, remain popular, thereby lowering their value. Others, like metal dollhouses, have gone the way of the dodo and therefore are in higher demand.

If you’ve got a collection of old toys or enjoy visiting yard sales and thrift shops around town, you might be lucky enough to net enough money for a tank of gas, a plane ticket, or that new TV you’ve been eyeing. Below are some of the most valuable toys from a couple decades ago. Do you have any of these?

  • Cabbage Patch dolls and cards – these are being sold for up to $4,000 (USD) online.
  • Star Wars action figures – these late 1970’s items, still in the package, can be auctioned off for around $25,000.
  • PEZ dispensers – a wide variety of these are incredibly popular with collectors, who are willing to pay over $30,000 for specific dispensers.
  • American Girl dolls and accessories – the dolls that have been “retired” have been know to fetch around $5,000.
  • Furby – the original one, obviously. One that has never been opened sold for almost $1,000.
  • The first edition Harry Potter books – these can net you around $6,000 apiece.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures – these dudes, in excellent condition, can be sold for $500, though of course the rarer the action figure, the more people are willing to pay.
  • Playmobil sets – these hardy, beautifully designed sets are somewhat difficult to find, making them an incredible prize – for a price. Some sets go for $800.
  • Happy Meal Toys – depending, again, upon the popularity and rarity of each one, individual pricing varies. However, Disney toys are going for around $300 right now.
  • Super Soakers – these water guns are drowning in potential profit. The good quality ones are selling for $150, while the pristine guns can run up to $500.

Interested in seeing if you have any childhood toys of monetary value?

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