Build a sunken trampoline which is safer than a regular one… And SO FUN

This one was built by All Things Thrifty. They built one in their yard.  It cost them a lot less than the DIY kits they first considered using for the project because they DIYed it themselves instead, hiring an excavator for around $150 to dig the hole. Besides an excavator and a trampoline, this is what they needed to set it up:

Tin Snips
Tamper (to help compact your dirt)

Some people have even thought of setting these up beside pools or ponds, and jumping from the trampoline into their backyard pool! However, you should think about safety when jumping from a trampoline for sure!

This type of trampoline also helps people who have a lot of wind in their yards. You know what I mean if you’ve ever had your trampoline blow over your fence!

One of the things I wonder, though, is about rain. Will the hole eventually fill up with water in the rain? Standing, stagnant water can get smelly! Has anyone tried this? You can let us know.

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