New DeLoreans Are Going to Be Sold

Are we going back to the future with the new DeLorean DMC12s? Because they’ve been talking about a new version for a long time now for this storied 80s sports car.

There have been recently some manufacturing regulations dynamics that have made it harder to produce low-volume autos, like new DMC 12s would of course be, but, according to Hagerty, “the final regulations will allow low-volume automakers to sell up to 325 cars each year that resemble production vehicles manufactured at least 25 years ago.”

The DeLorean VP recently told media that they were actually gearing up to make new DMC 12s, although the new sports cars will have a lot of modern updates. The last DeLoreans were made in 1982. One question: Will it have the gullwing doors?

Gadgets that Will Change Your Life

A lot of people use salad spinners to dry the lettuce after they wash it, but besides that you don’t commonly see too many gadgets for making salads being used, but there’s now a new one that might change my thinking on the whole thing.

I’ve seen plastic molds that are made for chopping tomatoes or other vegetables, which some people might use and others not want to use, but this idea of chopping up my entire salad at once actually does seem kind of appealing. Not only is it a salad cutter mold, but it’s also a bowl, and a bowl with drainage, so you can wash your whole salad, cut it, and hold it all in one unit.

On the same tip, who doesn’t like watermelons and other melons, but cutting them up is a kind of obstacle to enjoying them and when you’re in the store and see a tasty melon, don’t you sometimes think, “Yeah, that would be good but who wants to cut that thing up and then clean up after cutting it?”

A main example of this is with watermelons, which have so much juice and seeds when you cut it up. So you might be able to see how just pushing a single gadget down over the melon and slicing it up all in one motion would be great, especially if you’re in the backyard or at the river or lake, and then even more especially if you have lots of watermelons!

You can find either of these on Amazon: Smart Cut SaladWatermelon Slicer

Rainbow Opal “The most beautiful opal in the world”

How the “most beautiful opal in the world” was found in an old mineshaft

This opal, worth over a million dollars, which catches all the light around it and sends it back to onlooking eyes in a blazing rainbow, is a Belemnite “pipe” that was once a kind of cuttlefish skeleton, and was found in 2007 by one John Dunstand, who had been searching and mining for opals for more than half a century in the deserts of Coober Pedy, Australia. He was searching in an old mineshaft in that area with an excavator, when he noticed the colors of the Rainbow Opal, half still burried in the sandstone around it.

“It showed this beautiful colour on the tip, but it was still in this hard lump of sandstone,” John recounted.  “So we cleaned it off and we could see it was a nice piece, but we didn’t know if it was solid, because a lot of time they’ve got sand in them or intrusions. There was a thick skin on it, like a rusty band around it, so we cleaned that off, and every time we touched it some more colour would come out. It was a true gemstone. I knew it was one of the best ever. You’ll never see another piece like that one, it’s so special. That opal actually glows in the dark – the darker the light, the more colour comes out of it, it’s unbelievable. I’ve done a lot of cutting and polishing [of opals], I’ve been doing it for 50 years, but when you compare it to the other pieces that claim to be the best ever, this one just killed it.”

The “Virgin Rainbow opal” is currently on display in the South Australian Museum opal exhibition in Adelaide, and the photo is by South Australian Museum. The stone is currently up for auction.

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