Gadgets that Will Change Your Life

A lot of people use salad spinners to dry the lettuce after they wash it, but besides that you don’t commonly see too many gadgets for making salads being used, but there’s now a new one that might change my thinking on the whole thing.

I’ve seen plastic molds that are made for chopping tomatoes or other vegetables, which some people might use and others not want to use, but this idea of chopping up my entire salad at once actually does seem kind of appealing. Not only is it a salad cutter mold, but it’s also a bowl, and a bowl with drainage, so you can wash your whole salad, cut it, and hold it all in one unit.

On the same tip, who doesn’t like watermelons and other melons, but cutting them up is a kind of obstacle to enjoying them and when you’re in the store and see a tasty melon, don’t you sometimes think, “Yeah, that would be good but who wants to cut that thing up and then clean up after cutting it?”

A main example of this is with watermelons, which have so much juice and seeds when you cut it up. So you might be able to see how just pushing a single gadget down over the melon and slicing it up all in one motion would be great, especially if you’re in the backyard or at the river or lake, and then even more especially if you have lots of watermelons!

You can find either of these on Amazon: Smart Cut SaladWatermelon Slicer

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