Ford Highboy with an Unusual Customization

Ford Highbody with tracks

I think this one’s a 1976 and for people who like pickups … and conversions … there might be something to this one. Sometimes, round wheels get a bit tiresome, and really, tracks are probably where all vehicles are going in the future anyway. So the sooner trucks get a track mod the better, most likely. Not just trucks, cars and even motorcycles should definitely give this one some thought.

A¬†highboy, btw, not a Ford term by the way, is an F-250 with a divorced transfer case from the factory. They were made from ’73-’77 and sat 4″ inches higher than standard height Ford trucks, hence the term “Highboy”

According to montana_highboy, the truck type is a mathematical equation:
Step 1) crawl under truck.
Step 2) face skyward.
Step 3) count drive shafts.
Step 4) if total is 3 you have a highboy