Restaurant Uses Pickles Instead of Bread

Restaurant Uses Pickles Instead of Bread1

Who doesn’t like pickles? Actually, even just the word pickles makes peoples’ mouths water with anticipation of the sour taste of vinegar! And in a burger or sandwich, the pickle makes a huge difference.

So this restaurant is taking pickles on step further. And actually, using pickles instead of bread isn’t new – Here’s an article on some options for replacing bread in sandwiches which includes “pickle-bread.” The restaurant we’re talking about today, though, is Elsie‚Äôs in Haddon Township, New Jersey. They’re using giant pickles. If anyone knows of any other pickle-option restaurants for those of us in other cities, let us know in comments.

The restaurant doesn’t just use any pickles though. They have their own signature recipe that their customers really like, so it could be said that not all “pickle-bread” is the same and you can try out different types at different spots. In order to keep this substantial sandwich together, they use toothpicks (just like a lot of bread sandwiches, actually).

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