The “Love Potion” Celebration Libation

The "Love Potion" Celebration Libation

This is Jacquelyn Clark’s “Love Potion” prosecco cocktail. She advises it as a Valentine’s Day celebration libation, but I think a lot of what carries this whole thing off is her impressive presentation, which party-makers might take note of! The range of color deepening into the glass, the range of a limited palette of colors with the deep purple blackberries and thyme garnish sprig, and then all wrapped in that cut crystal glass! Note that you can also make these virgin with ginger ale. The recipe you’ll have to get from the woman herself, but here’s the materials you’ll need:


Blackberry syrup ingredients:
1/3 cup blackberries, plus 8 more for garnish
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup sugar

Cocktail ingredients:
1 bottle of prosecco (or champagne or ginger ale)

Jacquelyn Clark’s blog with lots of recipes and home ideas.

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