Super-small rooftop tent

Super-small rooftop tent

While in the past people have been concerned with amassing every single item needed for the perfect camping trip, nowadays it seems that less is best. There’s not so much stress when it comes to ensuring all the things are included and there’s more thought behind the why of camping – getting away from the rush, enjoying nature, and spending time in solitude.

It’s also easier to do these days, especially with the uptick in interest around nomadic travel and designers who understand that simple, aerodynamic shapes are easier to work with. Sebastian Maluska, designer of a rooftop tent that affixes to the top of a vehicle, knows that very little is needed for a quiet weekend getaway.

Lightweight materials such as aluminum and waterproof fabric make up the entire tent, leaving room for one or two sleeping bags. The tent folds up quickly, and provides shelter whether in rain or sun. A ladder is also provided so that entry and exit are easy to attain.

If this type of tent camping interests you, there are plenty of photos and a write-up about this particular rooftop tent over at Bless This Stuff, which also notes that the model, named “The Nest”, is not only lightweight but cost conscious as well, taking up very little room and keeping costs down not only by materials but by conserving fuel as well (due to the shape and weight).

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