New film about Pablo Escobar, but Colombians are asking actor not to play the role with ‘glamour’ so their kids don’t want to repeat the story

Loving Pablo

Colombian drug war anti-hero Pable Escobar is the subject of a new movie, called “Loving Pablo,” based on a memoir written by a journalist close to the drug king pin, on Mrs. Virginia Vallejo. Vallejo was a lover of Escobar and eventually let U.S. federal agents to him.

However, Colombians asked leading actor, the some-might-say-glamorous-and-cool-already Javier Bardem not to play the role so that Escobar appeared glamourous and cool because they didn’t want the youth to see the movie and want to repeat the story, according to Bardem.

“We wanted to make sure that there was nothing glamorous and iconic to talk about,” the actor said.

Bardem’s take on the idea: “I believe that performing or making movies or any act – discipline, music, writing, sculpture, painting – it’s about bringing mirrors of who we are to ourselves, to get a glimpse of what we can be for the better or for the worse.”

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