How to Pay Business Taxes by Mail

For the envelope, use this address:

Canada Revenue Agency
PO Box 3800 STN A
Sudbury ON P3A 0C3

Make the check payable to:

Receiver General

On the memo field of the cheque write:

  • business number

This is the info for wire transfers, but shows how CRA views a business in terms of identifying pieces of information:

  • business number
  • business name
  • period end date
  • fiscal year
  • return/remittance
    • Provide a copy of your tax remittance or GST/HST return/remittance by fax to the CRA:
    • Attention: Revenue Processing Section
    • Fax: 204-983-0924


How to calculate how much stock you want to buy

To calculate first the percentage of your funds you want to spend on a given stock, take your amount multiplied by the percent (We have $90000 and want to spend 20% of that, so we type in 90000 x 0.2 = ). We now know we want to spend not more than $18000.

Now subtract the commission for the stock purchase ($9.99). Then divide the remaining number (17990) by the ask price of the stock ($32.77), like this: 17990 / 32.77 = . Round the number you get down to a whole number (remove the numbers after the decimal). Now you know you want to buy 549 stocks at the price of $32.77 each, which won’t cost more than $17,990.

You can check your math by multiplying the number of stocks (549) by the price (32.77). 549 x 32.77 = 17990.

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