Build a DIY Summer House

While many of us do not have the resources to treat ourselves and our families to expensive, luxurious vacations, the most important memories made aren’t about money or stuff but rather the time spent with your favorite people. If you want to treat your family to something special this summer, we’ve found the perfect family project: a DIY summer house, perfect for those late nights watching the fireflies, or lazy afternoons spent reading, or even watching the sunrise on a front porch. No matter what your budget is, this simple house can be made with a little time and effort.

This house would be a great hangout for playing board games while it’s raining, or while cooling off after a day in the sun, or even used as a campout place. However you want to use the house is up to you, but make sure you follow all the steps so that your summer home will last for many more years to come.

First you’ll want to locate a flat area on your property. If you’re using concrete, you can pour the foundation here. Of course, you aren’t limited to just concrete, though it is sturdy and will might last longer than slab. You’ll also want to draw out your plans and then choose your materials. You can cut costs by purchasing reclaimed material or by using things from past projects or purchasing items as they go on sale. There are cost differences in materials whether new or old, so be sure you have enough money to put everything together beforehand.

Once you’ve got the foundation done, drawn up the plans, and collected your materials, you’ll put the frame together, add the walls and roof, insert the windows, and then it’s time for the interior design – make sure that you have materials that are hardy and durable, or that they can be housed during inclement weather. Throw in a couple of camping chairs, a hammock, or a bench and you’re good to go! Enjoy time with your family and revel in the rewards of your labor. You now have your own summer home.You can find the steps for this DIY project here.

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