Inflatable animals for groups – Huge-size fun!

Inflatable animals for groups - Huge-size fun!

Many of us growing up wished we had our own pool. Some of us were lucky enough to have a neighborhood pool, a nearby lake, or a friend whose family had a pool in the backyard. Now that we’re older, of course, we know that pools come with upkeep and insurance and decide that the pool at the apartment complex or gym is quite enough.

However, that doesn’t stop us all from wanting to have some fun with friends on the weekend. Enter the best invention for pool parties in the last several years: group-size inflatables. That’s right – grab your closest four to six friends, some beer, and your bathing suits and hit the pool with an array of fun designs, my personal favorites being a giant unicorn, a pizza that splits into separate floats, and the inflatable island raft.

These have become so popular that some of the most sought-after inflatables are completely sold out, or only available at a special price on E-Bay. However, you can find a variety still available on Amazon, typically in the $125-200.00 price range.

Next time you decide to host a summer BBQ, a birthday party by the pool, or even a movie night on the water, you may want to consider one or more of these inflatables — after all, who can resist reliving a childhood dream?

Burned fingers? That's why they invented these universal clips

This morning I almost burnt my fingers trying to check the bagels I was toasting in the oven. The oven mitt I had been using wasn’t very thick, and I wished I’d purchased something that would prevent me from nearly roasting my digits every time I wanted to check the progress of my breakfast.

Enter the AmyTalk Retriever Tongs, the stainless steel grippers made specifically to prevent this issue. They’re also good for those who may need a stronger grip on slippery dishes, such as those who live with conditions like arthritis or people who experience nerve or tendon pain.

You can purchase retriever tongs in a variety of colors, in packs of two, for as little as $10.00. These would make excellent presents for the chefs in your life, as well as new homeowners, graduates, campers, or grillers, and of course a nice little treat for yourself as well. They’d be particularly helpful during holiday seasons where the oven is constantly being used to produce cookies, cakes, pies, casseroles, ham, and turkey.

With a wide range of choices and pricing options, I wouldn’t be surprised if these tongs became kitchen staples in the very near future. If you’d like to jump on the bandwagon and be the first among your family and friends to use these clever little clips, you can find an array of them available on Amazon.

Native American Blankets are Amazing

I’ve been seeing Native American tribal patterns and designs popping up everywhere recently, from fabric swatches to leggings to blankets. While there is some debate about cultural appropriation, there’s a pretty uniform agreement that purchasing items directly from Native American individuals or tribes is a good thing, and decorating with designs inspired by them is ok.

Many people love the look and feel of Native American blankets, especially when the weather begins to cool down. While there are many places from which you can purchase these blankets, such as Chestnut Hall, you may be interested to know that there are also ways to DIY a blanket, pillowcase, or tablecloth if you really want to go all out.

Stitch & Unwind has a bevy of beautiful crochet and knitting patterns for those of us who love the tribal look and want to try our hand at bringing one or more of these projects to life. You can choose from over twenty-five patterns, from wearable items to kitchen items to living room decor. There’s something for everyone, at every skill level.

Whether you decide to purchase a completed pattern or want to try one of these free ones, the Native American style can be utilized everywhere, for any occasion.

Native American Blankets are Amazing