Anyone with a run down trailer in their yard can turn it into something that looks pretty much like new, DIY style. Yes, it’s a DIY camper makeover. This one was done by a couple, allory and Savannah, who blog at Classy Clutter. Their trailer in the before time did look a bit run down, even though in important points it was still in good shape. It’s not like they were doing all this work for something that wasn’t going to be worth it.

They did a few big things with this camper trailer: like tearing out old carpet and laying a new vinyl floor, and painting the exterior.

Here’s Savannah’s take:

“My husband and I purchased this travel trailer with a plan to give it a full makeover! We planned to create a space for our family to travel and a space that my husband could take with him on his hunting trips. Our trailer is a 1992 Terry Fleetwood (24 ft.). Everything on the trailer was in working order when we got it but everything needed to be updated since everything was worn, faded and outdated.

“The outside of the trailer was in decent cosmetic shape but the paint had lost it’s luster, dingy and we wanted to give it a new, fun look with crisp new paint. I’m going to take you through the steps and supplies we used to take the outside of our travel trailer from drab to fab!”

Below is a gallery of their work, and here’s how you can think about the stages involved.

Paint Primer
White Paint
Navy Blue Paint
Clear Coat
Painters Tape
HVLP Spray Gun
Removal Project Set
Kilz Spray Paint