The Limits of Expanded Ability – Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim on modern music gear:

“In Ableton you can just have the samples all running, and you can have them all running at the same speed, you can change the pitch of them. But to be honest, to me that’s lost a lot of the appeal and the excitement of the record-making process. Which is one of the reasons why as a producer I’ve become increasingly less prolific because I just don’t get excited about pushing a mouse about and looking at Ableton and thinking, ‘You can do anything, you’ve got everything right there in front of you.’

“When I was limited to the record collection and samples that I had, and the three synthesizers that I had that I knew inside out, that directed a certain course of where I could go with it. And it would be exciting to be bending the rules. But now everything’s laid on a plate for you and there’s too much choice. Before it was like, ‘What can I get out of a 909? What can I get out of a 303?’ Now it’s like you’ve got every single synth under the sun you can call up. I kind of don’t know where to start.”

On the Maxing Out of Attacks and Noise - Jerry Seinfeld

When Seinfeld was asked last month by AP about whether being attacked (legally or critically), he gave the following comment:

“Not really, because there’s so many voices that they kind of cancel each other out.

“It seems to me that every single person, everywhere, is under attack of their comments section of whatever they think or whatever they said. So to me it has no impact. Because it’s too much noise. It’s all just noise that everybody drowns each other out, so I don’t really worry about it.”


Cool Pedal Effects Setup - Toshi Kasai

He used to be a guitarist for Big Business, and now is most familiar to music listeners for his collabs with the Melvins.

In his Sound of Sirens studio, he showed EarthQuakerDevices (yes, the guitar pedal company) this effects rack.

He has shelves of pedals, not all hooked up, but on top there’s that patch bay, so it’s easy for him to run cords in and out of any pedal he’s recording.

Toshi Kosai guitar pedal patch bay setup

Toshi Kosai guitar pedal patch bay setup

Toshi Kosai guitar pedal patch bay setup

The video by EarthQuakerDevices: