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American Workers

Millions of workers are ‘bound’ by non-binding contracts

Millions of American workers believe they are bound by contracts they are not actually bound by, according to University of Maryland Smith Business School’s  Evan Starr, and this…

Jamie Dimon

What’s good and what’s bad about America right now – Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase

At the recent Aspen summit, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, a company that has seen a massive increase in confidence (and stock value, which has tripled since the recent…

Loving Pablo

New film about Pablo Escobar, but Colombians are asking actor not to play the role with ‘glamour’ so their kids don’t want to repeat the story

Colombian drug war anti-hero Pable Escobar is the subject of a new movie, called “Loving Pablo,” based on a memoir written by a journalist close to the drug…

London teacher shortage

In London, almost 1/2 of new teachers quit in the past 5 years

It’s London’s “teacher crisis.” Over 4 our of 10 London’s new teachers quit within the past 5 years. That’s 11,000 of the 35,000 newly qualified college grads who…

Deborah Tannen Linguistics

The Limitations of Technological Shortcuts, According to Deborah Tannen

Recently, Linguistics professor at Georgetown Deborah Tannen spoke the Aspen summit, and we found her comments interesting and relevant to current culture enough that we had to share…

Good Cheap Fun (Under $20)

For those days when you want to have fun but not spend more than a $20 bill, we’ve made this little list: A piece of cake and a…

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