A Bug-Out Kit Needs to Have These Things

– Antiseptic, antibiotic, anesthetic, aspirin

Why? If you cut yourself, and it gets infected, you will have to be treated in a hospital. If you need surgery and can’t stand the pain, you will have to be treated in a hospital.

– Phones and SIM cards, burners, mailable phones, encrypted apps that hide location of phone by pinging through other locations

– Instructions of what people should do if interrogated, what they should ask the interrogators, etc

– Computers with Linux, TOR, IPs, bookmarks

– Mailing addresses, emails, phones, social media account addresses of all contacts

– Costumery, hair dye, social stratification wardrobe

– Big supply of any medications

– Emergency outdoors kit (firestarter, space blanket, water-purification tablets, metal vessel, machete, tinder)

– Outdoor survivalism kit – basic (camouflage covers like bag cover, windbreaker, pants, waterproof, waterproof bags, lots of tape)

– Outdoor survivalism kit – advanced (pvc pipes, tarp, binoculars, cordage, tread-covers, hunting bow + arrows, green matte paint, fuel canisters, car-break kit, solar/crank power + batteries kit, color printer)

– Long-term food supply

– Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, Q-tips, toilet paper, detergent)

– Book about edible foods in the area, where it lives, how to catch and treat meat

– Maps, printed out and stored digitally, roads, backroads

– Contact information for civil liberties lawyers

– Licence plates

– Tool kit, including screwdriver

– Duplicate, triplicate

Omega Seamaster Watch with Cuffs

Omega Seamaster Watch

Here’s how a cufflink and watch fan matches their outfit: Matching Omega cufflinks and a Seamaster.

Not only fashionable, also function … and a pop culture reference.

The Omega Seamaster is a line of auto-wind and quartz watches. They started making them in 1948, so there are some vintage watch versions of these. They became pop a bit later, though.

The Seamaster is particularly popular among celebrities, with famous wearers including Prince William, Joe Biden, Jeremy Clarkson, Gabriel Holmes and Adam Savage. An Omega Seamaster typically has a stainless steel case and bracelet (Bond style with Omega symbol clasp), screw-in crown and case-back, engraved with the Omega hippocampus logo, up to 1200-metre water resistant, luminescent hands, unidirectional bezel, blue, silver or black dial with orange accents, sapphire crystal (anti-reflective) and helium release valve.

Yes, they are pretty much maybe most famous because of their association with a certain 007 intelligence agent. This is the watch featured in 8 recent Bond movies (starting in the 90s).

USB Luxury Cufflinks

Nice cufflinks, Mr. Bond.

The luxury of cufflinks now includes the luxury of convenient data storage. These cufflinks were funny so we thought we’d share them. They’re 4Mb USBs, but they also have Wi-Fi and software included. The only downside is they appear to be out of stock.

One of the cufflinks is actually the flash drive, and the other is the mini router for wi-fi.

Cufflink details from the manufacturer:

“Perfect for meetings or avoiding those hotel Wi-Fi fees. Our Polished Oval Wi-Fi/4GB USB Cufflinks are truly a case of form meeting function. They’re crafted from rhodium-plated base metal with a brilliant silver finish. Each cufflink measures .75″w x .75″l x .25″h and secures with a straight post whale-back closure.

“With our Polished Oval Wi-Fi/4GB USB Cufflinks, you’re always in the hotspot. Order on the down-low from Brookstone today.”

These gleaming oval cufflinks hold an intriguing secret.
4GB USB Flash drive in one cufflink stores digital files
Mini router in second cufflink creates Wi-Fi hotspot
Wi-Fi range of 150′
Software included
Rhodium-plated metal with brilliant silver finish
.75″w x .75″l x .25″h each, with straight post whale-back closure

For more information on these luxury cufflink USBs (click here).

Panerai Luminor Oak Leather Strap On: Sophisticated and Comfortable

Panerai Luminor Oak Leather Strap on: Sophisticated and Comfortable

In addition to the Panerai Luminor Base this is the second large-scale classic by Officine Panerai. With additional small seconds display. In the 1990s also this model was a surprise success and become a real cult. You can regard these dive watches as pioneers of the upcoming wave of great and striking wristwatches.

The company is actually called Officine Panerai. They’re a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer.

Some details on the Panerai Luminor …


Manual winding movement, exklusive calibre Panerai OP XI (base ETA 6497-2), 21,600 A/h
COSC-certified chronometer
16½ lignes
Swan’s neck fine regulation
Bridges with Geneva stripes
Glucydur balance wheel with Nivarox-1 balance spring
Incabloc shock protection
17 jewels
Power reserve 56 h

Calf leather or alligator leather strap, black or brown
Broad stainless steel-tang-type buckle with Panerai lettering

Rolex Split-Seconds Chronographs, Incredibly Rare Watches

Rolex Split-Seconds Chronographs, Incredibly Rare Watches

These 1940’s vintage watches by Rolex, called the Split-Seconds Chronograph, were not made in bulk. It might surprise you to know that there remain only 8 of these now.

Like a lot of prized watches from the 40’s, this one is known not just for its fashion but for its technology as well: the Rolex Split-Seconds is 44 mm in diameter, outranking all other Rolex chronographs. Its case features a bezel designed as thin as technically possible which impressively makes the dial nearly as large as the case itself. And it is the only split-second chronograph wristwatch ever produced by Rolex.

Split-seconds is another word for double-chronograph, a watch that includes two separate stopwatch mechanisms in order to estimate two separate events of different durations. A watch with a double chronograph has two seconds hands. One hand is superimposed over the other. While one hand moves continuously, the other one can be either stopped, started or reset to zero.

The first push releases both hands. While one continues registering the time, the other hand can be repeatedly stopped. In order to stop and bring both hands to zero a watch has a return pusher. The position of the pusher, controlling the split-seconds function is usually at either 10 or 8 o’clock.

Price for these is kind of prohibitive. At a Christie’s auction in 2011 a RolexSplit-Seconds became the most expensive luxury watch they ever sold at $2.5 million.

1940s Universal Geneve Compax chronograph watch by Hermes

Universal Geneve watchUniversal Geneve watchUniversal Geneve watchUniversal Geneve watchUniversal Geneve watchUniversal Geneve watchUniversal Geneve watchUniversal Geneve watch

Classic watch from another time.

This is an old watch by Hermes, but one that still gets a lot of attention, combining classic style, functionality and fashion (it was sold by Hermes, after all).

Yes, this one has a micro-rotor, and was sold alongside Patek Philippes in the U.S. watch market. These were and are considered a sort of inexpensive version of the Patek watch. Today, they are very rare, as far as watches go.

Universal’s popularity with the chronographs caught the attention of high-ranking government officials throughout Europe, including the Dutch Royal Family, who granted the Swiss brand a Royal Warrant in 1939 to issue a military watch for the nation’s army, with then-Queen Wilhelmina’s initials embossed on the dial. The Dutch army utilized this watch up until Nazi Germany sacked Rotterdam in May of the same year and occupied the Netherlands until 1944.

Like a lot of other watches that did well in the early 20th century, the rise of Quartz put a damper on things, and that includes these Universal Geneves.