Ford Highboy with an Unusual Customization

Ford Highbody with tracks

I think this one’s a 1976 and for people who like pickups … and conversions … there might be something to this one. Sometimes, round wheels get a bit tiresome, and really, tracks are probably where all vehicles are going in the future anyway. So the sooner trucks get a track mod the better, most likely. Not just trucks, cars and even motorcycles should definitely give this one some thought.

A highboy, btw, not a Ford term by the way, is an F-250 with a divorced transfer case from the factory. They were made from ’73-’77 and sat 4″ inches higher than standard height Ford trucks, hence the term “Highboy”

According to montana_highboy, the truck type is a mathematical equation:
Step 1) crawl under truck.
Step 2) face skyward.
Step 3) count drive shafts.
Step 4) if total is 3 you have a highboy


Mozart, 1756, 1782 (26) to Constanze (20), 1791 of severe miliary fever (age 35)

He unexpectedly took ill with a high fever, headaches, sweats, and dramatic swelling and pain in his hands and legs. By the 14th day, his swelling had increased to the extent that his entire body took on blimp-like proportions. Accompanying the swelling were nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain, a rash, and an overpowering stench. He was extremely irritable to the point where he banished his beloved pet canary from his bedroom. Just 15 days after the onset of his illness, Mozart went into convulsions, lapsed into a coma, and died. Upon his death his wife, Constanze, crawled into bed with the corpse and clutched it as long as she was allowed in an attempt to contract the same disease and die as well. It didn’t work, so whatever killed Mozart was probably not communicable.

Schubert, 1797, 1814 (17) prevented from marrying Therese Grob (16) due to lack of financial means, 1828 of typhoid fever or possibly syphilis

The composer’s friend Anselm Hüttenbrenner recalled — twenty-six years after Schubert’s death — a conversation in which Schubert had said “I loved someone very dearly and she loved me too … . For three years she hoped I would marry her; but I could not find a position which would have provided for us both.”


Best Movies

A list of the best movies from the past 100 years. Well, right now it’s a gallery of images, but maybe later we’ll also make it into a list in text.

This cup makes your water taste like fruit juice

These guys contacted us with some information about this interesting product they’ve put out. It’s called “The Right Cup” and it’s meant to help people drink more water (we all know we’re healthier when we drink a good amount of water per day, right?) by making the water taste like juice … even though it’s 100% water.

How does it actually work?

In order to appreciate how The Right Cup works, it’s important to understand the dynamic of how smell affects taste. First the tongue only tastes 5 sensations: sweet, bitter, sour, salt and Umami.

The overall taste experience is a result of the interaction of these 5 sensations and the sense of smell. It is estimated that the sense of smell is responsible for approximately 80% of the flavor experience.

When people eat and drink, food and liquids release volatile aromas that travel up from the nose and from inside the mouth, past the sinuses until they reach the nasal epithelium which sends a message to the olfactory bulb that the aromas being smelled are a taste being tasted.
The Right Cup’s natural fruit aroma combined with a patented sweet taste technology, gives your brain the total perception you are drinking a fruit flavored water.

What exactly is inserted into The Right Cup?

We use proprietary technology that enables adding FDA approved aromatic food grade flavors and ingredients directly into the cup’s components at the time of manufacturing. During the process, the aroma and flavor become integral parts of the cup itself in a manner that does not change the plastic characteristics in any way. The Right Cup is made of BPA free plastic and is 100% safe!

Is The Right Cup 100% safe?

Absolutely YES!

The Right Cup uses only FDA approved food grade flavors and completely safe plastics. As opposed to consuming flavored beverages, none of these ingredients are added to the water, which means they do not actually enter your body. This means that drinking water from The Right Cup is just like drinking water from an ordinary cup, just much more flavorful and enjoyable.

Is The Right Cup safe for people who suffer from diabetes?

Absolutely yes. Drinking water from The Right Cup is just like drinking 100% pure water, and much more enjoyable.

Is it safe for children?

Absolutely yes! In fact it is recommended that kids use The Right Cup and drink water instead of highly sugared of fruit juice and other unhealthy beverages. The Right Cup will help cut down those unwanted liquid calories.

What kind of flavor experience I should expect?

While there are many people who immediately experience a flavor sensation when drinking from The Right Cup, we have found that some users will have a mild flavor experience.
The best way to describe it is as “enhanced water” or delicate flavored water.

How is drinking water from The Right Cup different from drinking regular flavored water?

If you read the ingredients of flavored water brands, you will see that most are actually clear soft drinks.

ALL the others have additives such as flavors and some have chemical preservatives that are added directly to the beverage, in fact technically, they are no longer water. With The Right Cup you add 100% pure water and you can be sure you are drinking 100% pure water… nothing else!


No preservatives. No additives. No Sugar. And of course, Zero Calories.

Whom is it for?

It’s for people who drink water but don’t enjoy the tasteless experience.

It’s for people who don’t drink enough water.

Here’s the link to their Indiegogo campaign.

Dig film-maker Abbas Kiarostami


“I absolutely don’t like the films in which the filmmakers take their viewers hostage and provoke them. I prefer the films that put their audience to sleep in the theater. I think those films are kind enough to allow you a nice nap, and not leave you disturbed. When you leave the theater. Some films have made me doze off in the theater, but the same films have made me stay up at night, wake up thinking about them in the morning, and keep on thinking about them for weeks. Those are the kind of films I like.” – Kiarostami

“I’ve nothing against entertainment cinema. I watch those films in one sitting. With good films, I go downstairs, check the fridge, make a phone call and go back. I don’t think that independent and thought-provoking films can be absorbed as easily as the Hollywood ones.” – Kiarostami 

“If the camera wasn’t on me, I could speak more freely. When we know we’re being watched, we naturally project another image of ourselves. We become reserved. We project an image that does not represent our real self. The moment we say “Cut,” the actors smile, the contracted muscles in their faces relax, and they come alive again. Despite all our efforts to reflect that pure moment, to capture real characters on camera, we’re hindered by the limitations which technology and technicians have created precisely in order to capture such rare moments.” – Kiarostami

Best Survival Shows

Best survival and survivalism shows. They’re all TV series and one internet vlogger, but if anyone suggests films or anything else, we’ll add them.

  1. Naked and Afraid: There are already like six seasons of this 21-day survival series plus two series of the big team 40 day version. They take 2 people, a man and a woman, who have various levels of survival skills, and drop them in some remote place in the world (could be anywhere, from Florida swamp to Madagascar jungle), and they have nothing but one idem they bring with them each plus a map (and sometimes a fire-starter or knife supplied as well).
  2. Dual Survival: A hippy survivalist and an ex-military man try to make it out of various extreme survival situations around the world.
  3. Ray Meares Bushcraft: Survivalist Ray Mears travels to various locations and does survival, teaching what he knows to viewers.
  4. Survivorman: A survivalist goes out by himself into various locations around the world and survives there, until his scheduled meeting with a rescue.
  5. Bear Grylls Survival School: The famous survivalist and a few other team members take a group of British kids out into the wilderness and teach them to survive.
  6. Survivor (TV game show): The first few episodes actually involved scarcity of food and difficulty of getting by.
  7. Ultimate Survival Alaska: Survivalists take on 72-hour extraction challenges in Alaska, carrying backpacks with supplies like sleeping bags, tents, matches, knives and guns.
  8. American Tarzan: A group of survivors will take on challenges when this show airs this June.
  9. Primitive Technology: This is a YouTube channel that started out when a young man with a survivalist hobby made some videos of himself making things in the wild.

My criticism of the shows: I don’t really like shows that just have one survivalist, because they say everything like they’re correct, but when you get more than one person out there, you see that there are multiple ways to do things, and they criticize each other. Plus its just more interesting. Probably that’s why I enjoyed Naked and Afraid the most of all these. Even when you have a pair of survivalists, that’s just 2 people and you can get tired of that, particularly when they come to the ends of their knowledge and skill — at that point, you want other people to be on the show.

What’s your favorite? Did we miss any?