Other Web Sites Around the Web

The Speaker, a world news site that also has a lot of Canadian- and U.S.-based news

The Trump News, a news site that has videos and some articles for all the most recent Trump developments.

Building Homes and Living, a site featuring all kinds of interesting house designs and new building styles like prefab, modular, tiny homes, house boats, metal building homes, etc., as well as a directory where you can actually find the builders and designers for all these types of homes (and a few more) in your area of the world.

Wheels List, Vehicles and more vehicles, specializing in big vehicles like RVs, motorhomes, toterhomes, trailers, custom semi trucks, classic pick ups, as well as bikes and cars and vehicle communities. Also has a forum where people can post / discuss (and there’s a humor section in it, too).

The Craft Chair, for crocheters, knitters, ribbon art-ers, and all other crafters. Has a lot of free patterns.

Health and Medicine, a high quality health site where a very dedicated and serious (and fun) writer provides concentrated articles on all the most interesting health issues of the day, from natural remedies to lifestyle to health news.

Blogunity, a collection of blogs in various categories written by normal people bloggers just like you. There is a range of interesting material here, and a lot of content you can’t find anywhere else on the web. Yep, that’s right, they have a bunch of original bloggers making original blogs on the site (You can participate by writing blogs for them, too — just like CSISN).

Buttons Play Music, a website where they publish digital instruments — new and interesting musical instruments you can actually just play on their website. You can also read about the music theory behind the instruments. Very unique website. Have you ever played the “Harmoni” instrument?