On the Maxing Out of Attacks and Noise – Jerry Seinfeld

When Seinfeld was asked last month by AP about whether being attacked (legally or critically), he gave the following comment:

“Not really, because there’s so many voices that they kind of cancel each other out.

“It seems to me that every single person, everywhere, is under attack of their comments section of whatever they think or whatever they said. So to me it has no impact. Because it’s too much noise. It’s all just noise that everybody drowns each other out, so I don’t really worry about it.”


Cool Pedal Effects Setup - Toshi Kasai

He used to be a guitarist for Big Business, and now is most familiar to music listeners for his collabs with the Melvins.

In his Sound of Sirens studio, he showed EarthQuakerDevices (yes, the guitar pedal company) this effects rack.

He has shelves of pedals, not all hooked up, but on top there’s that patch bay, so it’s easy for him to run cords in and out of any pedal he’s recording.

Toshi Kosai guitar pedal patch bay setup

Toshi Kosai guitar pedal patch bay setup

Toshi Kosai guitar pedal patch bay setup

The video by EarthQuakerDevices:


Why Longer Things, and How, According to Gianandrea Noseda

“The music as an art form needs more time to express [than 3 minutes]. Like when you go to TV, and the first thing they tell you is keep the sentences very short and don’t go over 30 seconds. In 30 seconds you can say a slogan; you cannot make a sort of starting from here and getting to there. To be understood you need to make a development. In music, it’s exposition, development, recapitulation, getting back through the development section you understand why I started like that; you now have the elements to understand that.

“In a normal symphony, the first movement, Schumann, Brahms, Beethoven, we’re talking 15 minutes. I can reduce that to 2 minutes in a conversation. Less than that and either you do only the exposition or only the development, but [if the development] you start from where? The development of what? Or you go to the recapitulation you don’t have the elements to understand what I want to say deeply.

“The problem is not how to get people to the concert hall, it’s how to get any of us to listen to more than 3 minutes 5 minutes.”