Oldest Living Things on Earth Right Now: Some 42,000 Year Old Worms

Longtern cryobiosis is the term of the day as some worms born around 42,000 years ago in Siberia are wiggling around again.

The worms are roundworms called Nematodes.

According to the Russian researchers, who worked in collab with Princeton U’s Department of Geosciences, “We have obtained the first data demonstrating the capability of multicellular organisms for longterm cryobiosis in permafrost deposits of the Arctic.”

Scientific research paper at Springer: “Viable Nematodes from Late Pleistocene Permafrost of the Kolyma River Lowland” >

“After being defrosted, the nematodes showed signs of life. They started moving and eating.”

There are two worms that are back in action. One is 42,000 years old and the other only 32,000.

Where they came from