Now they make ice cream spoons that transfer heat from your hand to warm the spoon

Now they make ice cream spoons that transfers heat from your hand to warm the spoon

Ice cream is supposed to be hard (at least hard icecream is!), but if you leave it long enough, or if your freezer is really cold, it can become so hard you can’t even spoon it out into a bowl. So there you are getting ready to have desert with everyone after dinner, and you can’t even scoop out the ice cream, but have to let it sit and soften up!

Well, now they have these ice cream spoons, which seem to have been designed by in Japan by one Naoki Terada.

There are two different types: One, called “Vanilla” has an egg-shaped standard spoon, and another called “Chocolate,” which has an angle shape spoon. I couldn’t find the Chocolate one, maybe because people prefer the round spoon.

Here are the features:

  • A spoon of the magic that can eat the ice cream which froze hard immediately
  • It’s egg-shape tip. This is the standard type.
  • Fresh from the fridge hard tick frozen ice cream scoop with a spoon.
  • Spoon of material is solid aluminum.
  • It is awarded a good design prize in 2011.

It’s available on Amazon.

Now they make ice cream spoons that transfers heat from your hand to warm the spoon

Building Little Computers

Computer systems:
Pi 3 for enough power to run your normal stuff … 5v 2a needed to power it.
Pi zero is a bit smaller, but still powerful, and you need to plug in a wireless card ($20) to connect to internet

OS and data:
Everything goes on a microSD. OS (called “Noobs” Raspbian Linux) is about 2gig I think. You can also put your OS on a flashdrive or connect to an external data source otherwise I think.

Pi official screen (about $80 or $100) – 7inch tablet size touch screen … 5v 2a needed to power it (in addition to the computer, but I have powered both (they link together in various easy ways) with a single 5v 2a power source (wall/battery), although I do get the lightning-bolt indicator flashing the whole time (signaling the computer needs more power)

5v 2a batteries / backup USB power sources (the ones usually sold as backup power for phones), some with solar power options. Various mAh (milli-amp hours, or how long the battery will last drawing the amount of power it’s rated for), from 3000 to 25000. Some have remaining juice indicators on them.

A low-power (almost zero) small screen but it doesn’t refresh at a decent speed and has limited resolution, meant as a notifications screen, from PaPiRus.
A 7.5 inch eInk one.
For big (15, 25 inch) screens, there are USB monitors that do low power draw – some have low-ish resolution though, and all are expensive as of 2018 (hundreds of dollars)


Stuff I've been digging lately (part 1)

Sharing it here, for you all. If you have something cool recently you think I’d like, share it in the comments with me. Updated Jan 1 2017.

A girl in a bar asked me, “Who would you chose, if you had to spend 24 hours in a room with a person (living) – no sex.” Hers was some actor I hadn’t heard of, I think. I couldn’t think of someone living, although a few people from the recent and distant past. What about you, readers?

Songkick (track the bands you like and see when they play your area)

Music sources:
Generic male YouTubeDJ (80’s alternative and new wave)
S U R F I N G – Chrome (album)
Blackest Ever Black (DJ)
David Dean Burqhart (YouTube playlist)

Things I enjoy reading and watching:

El Principito
In Praise of Shadows
Taboos and Identity: Considering the Unthinkable
Classic Ethology
Most Cited Animal Behaviour Articles
The Secrets of Nature (YouTube channel)
How to buy a bike in Colombia 
Sante Fe Institute and their YouTube
What’s My Line YouTube channel
Cormac McCarthy interviews
Beat Sheets at Save the Cat

Print Club London
Tracing a hacker 
Markimekko and on eBay
The Farm Book (pdf)
Untamed Lion blogspot
Task Newsletter
Garret Grove blog (tumblr)
UbuWeb: Film & Video (big list of videos by people)
Self hosted VS Gmail in 2017
Gerrymandering game shows you how it works
NASA population count

The blog of Alex Cox 2005 – 2008
French electronic video-game-sounds music
The many faces of value
Superinvestors (1984), by Warren Buffett
Persian proverbs
What Abraham Lincoln Read
Social networking and ethics
NPR public radio finances
NPR journalism ethics
Free British Columbia photos
Dribbble designs
How to choose a pair of typefaces
ENTJ personality types and other types
Saskatchewan niche market gardens
Watch the top 5 music hits animated for 20 years
Structure of wood revealed by electron microscopy
To find the best Chrome extensions
The year in language 2016
How to make images look like 8-bit computer graphics
With help from Google and YouTube, McClatchy is trying to figure out the next big thing in video
The Commandant’s Reading List
Word Cloud Generator
We don’t need Google
When it comes to video, more publishers are betting on mobile web versus apps
YouTube: Build Your Community
8 predictions for the world in 2030
Spiral Curriculum (Bruner)
Alan Kay wiki
Giordano Bruno wiki
Calgary Film Festival website
Future movie releases
Penguin books first editions
Search for trade shows
Another “Letters from Iceland” to compare
Little Prince and the public domain
Fuck you Windows10 (rant)
Jefferson and the Jihad
The Price of Admission Daniel Golden
Ship map
Charting friend demographics over time
An animated article and Another one
Learn Islamic & Indian Philosophy
Legislative News
An amateur worldbuilder
What is the history of Brazil becoming so sexy/sexual?
13 Things I Have Learned About Dating in Brazil
A good source or book for animal strategies?
“Sociobiology” (abridged)
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Neil Halloran (data visualization)
Counterterrorism VS counterinsurgency: What the difference is
Obama out, Trump in: Barack Obama Presidency Timeline, Obama accomplishmentsTrump’s cabinet and what they do, How demographics (minorities and groups) factored into the election, Interview with Jared Kushner in Forbes (or key points), 
English-speaking African countries
“Map of languages spoken”
Mario64 and other game maker interviews
Readers comments at Financial Times (pay) – Even the best comments are such low quality compared with journalism
Japanese wood joinery
Literature map and Gnod
Marek Gibney
“Rewriting the code of life” – Michael Specter 
How to ask good questions (“I’m actually kind of a big believer in asking dumb questions or questions that aren’t “good”)
How To Answer Questions in a Helpful Way
Selected Speeches and Writings by Abraham Lincoln
Did army leaders really give motivational speeches to their men before charging into battle?
The issue of Obama’s move at the UN vs Israel (“Resolution 2334”): The event – Explanation by Ambassador PowerCriticism by UN WatchComments by UN Watch followers
Iconograph Magazine (indy) and Justin Blyth’s website and Them Thangs and Just Missed Us (blog) and newer themthangsjuse and The Acid Sweat Lodge
Analog Holiday and Paul Nguyen on Insta
A guy who bought a $15K uninhabitable house in Cincinnati and his “lessons learned”
Worldwide guide to Movie Locations – find the movie locations for a given city
Newspapers of Record around the world
The Canadian Press website
Radiooooo – listen to radio stations around the world by using a map
An interview with Makoto Ueda about Haiku
Asset allocation
Create Furniture out of Cardboard
Package design
Book design blog
How to bind a book yourself (how to do things yourself)
37 Design tools (internet)
Intro to clay
3 Things you notice when you quit the news
Canada Type fonts
Compare 2 fonts at Tiff
About data visualization
NSFW history facts , Significant history face no one knows ,
Favorite NSFW reddits
Recommend me a book
Diamonds from the mine
Jeff Koons interview: What inspires me is feeling
Gearslutz pro audio community (forum)
CVDazzle (camauflage from face detection)
Morphases (face editing)

Videos interesting:
Japanese poetry
Amos Oz interview after Paris bombing (and other links to Amos Oz talking)
1st Amendment Center (old YouTube channel)
The Birth Of A Tool. Part I. Axe Making
The Birth Of A Wooden House (with written part below video)
Basque axes
Paul Ryan interview
Fusion 360
Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND)
American Presidents 
Reporters Central
John Berger and Susan Sontag Take Us Inside the Art of Storytelling (1983)
James Mattis interview
Video editing with Blender (free)
Kdenlive (another video editing option)
Things unexpected (vimeo)
Alan Kay interview (1990)
U.S. education “Generation Divide”
IJNet journalism videos
WGBH Special Collections
The Davis Group
Best movies you’ve never seen
How I record in helmet voice audio

To read (while not necessarily enjoyable):
Web scraping
Progressive blackjack
Reuters digital news report for the year
Write an eBook

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