Native American Blankets are Amazing

Pendleton Native American Blankets

I’ve been seeing Native American tribal patterns and designs popping up everywhere recently, from fabric swatches to leggings to blankets. While there is some debate about cultural appropriation, there’s a pretty uniform agreement that purchasing items directly from Native American individuals or tribes is a good thing, and decorating with designs inspired by them is ok.

Many people love the look and feel of Native American blankets, especially when the weather begins to cool down. While there are many places from which you can purchase these blankets, such as Chestnut Hall, you may be interested to know that there are also ways to DIY a blanket, pillowcase, or tablecloth if you really want to go all out.

Stitch & Unwind has a bevy of beautiful crochet and knitting patterns for those of us who love the tribal look and want to try our hand at bringing one or more of these projects to life. You can choose from over twenty-five patterns, from wearable items to kitchen items to living room decor. There’s something for everyone, at every skill level.

Whether you decide to purchase a completed pattern or want to try one of these free ones, the Native American style can be utilized everywhere, for any occasion.

Native American Blankets are Amazing

Sofa arm tray tables - The balancing game just got easier

Not many people I know have a dining room nowadays. It’s an extra room that can’t be made useful except at mealtimes, or has become repurposed to serve another function. Most of us aren’t at home preparing lavish meals, and sometimes we just have a few minutes before we get to the next thing on our schedule. Other times, we do want to relax and watch something while we eat.

Sofa arm tray tables are smaller and easier to use than the tray tables that became popular in the 1950’s, and come in a wide array of materials with extras like pouches to hold electronics, drink holders, and storage space. Amazon is full of options, including those sold by DM Concepts and Meistar. They’re quite affordable, hovering around just thirty dollars.

Of course, if you’re a DIY-er at heart, you may want to tackle this project head on and make your own version of the sofa arm tray table. You could use all sorts of materials, including wooden boxes or bamboo placemats, small plastic tubs or organizers, and rope or cord to secure the tray table to the sofa arm. You can cover it in pleather, stiff upholstery fabric, or even felt if you prefer. Make sure you measure and create a sort of guideline or pattern before you begin.

Whether you decide to DIY or purchase one of these, it’s an easy way to keep spills to a minimum while keeping everything perfectly tidy.

Now they make ice cream spoons that transfer heat from your hand to warm the spoon

Ice cream is supposed to be hard (at least hard icecream is!), but if you leave it long enough, or if your freezer is really cold, it can become so hard you can’t even spoon it out into a bowl. So there you are getting ready to have desert with everyone after dinner, and you can’t even scoop out the ice cream, but have to let it sit and soften up!

Well, now they have these ice cream spoons, which seem to have been designed by in Japan by one Naoki Terada.

There are two different types: One, called “Vanilla” has an egg-shaped standard spoon, and another called “Chocolate,” which has an angle shape spoon. I couldn’t find the Chocolate one, maybe because people prefer the round spoon.

Here are the features:

  • A spoon of the magic that can eat the ice cream which froze hard immediately
  • It’s egg-shape tip. This is the standard type.
  • Fresh from the fridge hard tick frozen ice cream scoop with a spoon.
  • Spoon of material is solid aluminum.
  • It is awarded a good design prize in 2011.

It’s available on Amazon.

Now they make ice cream spoons that transfers heat from your hand to warm the spoon