Mini WiFi digital video recorder camera with night vision

Though there are plenty of viral videos taken from iPhone and Android cameras, there are those moments when it’s best to have somewhat professional equipment. Especially if you’re going exploring, whether it’s at a graveyard, the woods, or an abandoned building. If you’ve seen any paranormal investigation reality TV shows, it’s highly likely you’ve seen one of these pieces of equipment used.

There are plenty of options in varying price ranges for mini wif digital video recorders, some with the addition of night vision. You’ll have to find what works for you regarding format, video frame rate, storage, and image ratio, but mostly you’ll find the digital video recorders come with the following:

AVI formatting, with a video frame rate of 15fps, 1/3″ color sensor, miniSD card for storage, an image ratio of 4:3, with a way to charge the battery. Sometimes they’ll include items like a USB cable, a card reader, and a camera holder, but depending on what you’re doing with the equipment, you may need to make a few extra purchases.

If you’re looking to add a digital video recorder to your tech collection, you can find a wide range (in price, size, and brand) online at such places like Amazon. You can also check for sales during Cyber Monday to maximize savings.