These things are for those of use that want to use regular plastic bags as garbage bags, without having to use a garbage pail.

They also double as regular hanging areas, so you can drape towels, dish gloves and whatever else over them.

They’re specially designed so the plastic bags you put on them stay fairly well.


Material : Plastic
Color : Blue, Green, Pink, Beige
Size : 18.5cm x 16.5cm x 4cm / 7.28” x 6.50” x 1.57”

They’re sold by a company called New Chic for around $3.50 (You can also get them on Amazon but the only one’s I saw there were for about $12!)

Here’s some more images:

A Log Bed

While Sitka Log Homes is best known for their beautiful, artistic work in home building, they don’t just spend their time selling blueprints or building log cabins. Some of their other projects, while on a smaller scale, showcase their attention to detail, their inventiveness, and their dedication to providing quality to their customers.

You can browse through the website to find plans, photos, and the like if you’re wanting a peek at their construction process, but their log and timber projects are just as interesting, especially if you’re wanting inspiration for your own work.

One of their most interesting designs is the log and timber bedframe, which utilizes both cut and raw wood, which creates a unique silhouette for the frame, something that reminds me of ancient fairytales and fantasy creations by C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien. I can picture this bed in a host of places, including a hobbit hole, a mountain cabin, or even a loft that needs a forest influence.

If you’re handy and want a new carpentry challenge, a look at their frame should be enough to work out what you can do in order to make it your personal DIY project. You can see it, along with their other smaller projects, at the Sitka Log Homes website.

Cowboy wok plow disk

There’s really nothing that can compete with a meal cooked outdoors. I have fond memories of campouts and fishing trips where we sat around the fire and ate our freshly cooked food. Nowadays, there are several dozen different types of outdoor cooking, some of I’ve just recently heard of, like this “Cowboy Wok“, which is basically a standing open grill (also called a plow disk).

There are companies like Southwest Disk that specialize the cowboy wok, and other business that sell them as part of their inventory on Amazon. Wherever you get one, you’ll need to read up on the safety and use section of the guide prior to firing it up and trying it out.

Of course, after getting the cowboy wok, you’ll have to figure out what you want to make first — there’s a FaceBook group full of suggestions, complete with photos and videos of every kind of recipe you can imagine, from chicken pasta to antelope tacos.

If you’d rather rig a DIY version of a cowboy wok, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to guide you, such as the one by Dave’s Homestead. Whether you buy one or make one (or alter one), you’ll be cooking up a tasty mess of home-cooked vittles in no time.

Cowboy wok plow disk