How to Look Taller

These are tips that any person can do, and they will make you look approximately 10-15 feet tall. If you use all of these techniques at once, you could achieve a maximum 55 foot tall appearance. Just kidding, but these really will make you look a lot taller.

  • Tuck in your shirt and pull the waist of your pants up. Of course, this makes you look like you have longer legs, which is what makes most tall people tall.
  • Wear pointed shoes
  • Pull up the ankles of your pants (or roll them under or cuff them, or have them hemmed – if you have jeans hemmed, you can have them reattach the hem so they look like they were made that length)
  • Monochroming – wear the same color top and bottom, which makes it appear you have no separation (an illusion of sketchiness) between top and bottom
  • Roll up sleeves and bottom of a shirt, which sometimes makes the shirt look too small. Same with ankles of jeans. This also makes legs look more slender, because it only shows the most slender part.
  • Wear a longer (superlong) necklace.
  • A tighter shirt can make a torso look thinner in comparison to the rest of your body
  • Another note: if you’re using a fashion element that makes you look taller, like a type of necklace, you can accentuate it by wearing a contrasting color underneath, so for example if your necklace is gold or silver, you can wear a black or navy shirt.

How to Look Taller

These tips are from Dearly Bethany:

Omega Seamaster Watch with Cuffs

Here’s how a cufflink and watch fan matches their outfit: Matching Omega cufflinks and a Seamaster.

Not only fashionable, also function … and a pop culture reference.

The Omega Seamaster is a line of auto-wind and quartz watches. They started making them in 1948, so there are some vintage watch versions of these. They became pop a bit later, though.

The Seamaster is particularly popular among celebrities, with famous wearers including Prince William, Joe Biden, Jeremy Clarkson, Gabriel Holmes and Adam Savage. An Omega Seamaster typically has a stainless steel case and bracelet (Bond style with Omega symbol clasp), screw-in crown and case-back, engraved with the Omega hippocampus logo, up to 1200-metre water resistant, luminescent hands, unidirectional bezel, blue, silver or black dial with orange accents, sapphire crystal (anti-reflective) and helium release valve.

Yes, they are pretty much maybe most famous because of their association with a certain 007 intelligence agent. This is the watch featured in 8 recent Bond movies (starting in the 90s).

USB Luxury Cufflinks

Nice cufflinks, Mr. Bond.

The luxury of cufflinks now includes the luxury of convenient data storage. These cufflinks were funny so we thought we’d share them. They’re 4Mb USBs, but they also have Wi-Fi and software included. The only downside is they appear to be out of stock.

One of the cufflinks is actually the flash drive, and the other is the mini router for wi-fi.

Cufflink details from the manufacturer:

“Perfect for meetings or avoiding those hotel Wi-Fi fees. Our Polished Oval Wi-Fi/4GB USB Cufflinks are truly a case of form meeting function. They’re crafted from rhodium-plated base metal with a brilliant silver finish. Each cufflink measures .75″w x .75″l x .25″h and secures with a straight post whale-back closure.

“With our Polished Oval Wi-Fi/4GB USB Cufflinks, you’re always in the hotspot. Order on the down-low from Brookstone today.”

These gleaming oval cufflinks hold an intriguing secret.
4GB USB Flash drive in one cufflink stores digital files
Mini router in second cufflink creates Wi-Fi hotspot
Wi-Fi range of 150′
Software included
Rhodium-plated metal with brilliant silver finish
.75″w x .75″l x .25″h each, with straight post whale-back closure

For more information on these luxury cufflink USBs (click here).

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